Cities Of Europe

Cities Of Europe

The old lady Europe includes dozens of destinations popular among tourists and known worldwide. If you set off for the tour de Europe, you’ll most probably aim for Paris, London, Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Venice and many other great representatives of tremendous European history, culture and lifestyle. Among those default check points, lie thousand of underrated, undiscovered and half – hidden places with equally astonishing treasures and features worth of seeing.
If you take some less common touristic paths, you’ll get to know the full collection of these charming cities or regions, each with a unique culture, customs and sensibility.

So, if you’re planning to get to know Europe better and feel its taste during some future vacation, we honestly advise you to take some roads less travelled.

There’s a town in Greece whose name says “it lies in the middle of the sky”. Spirituality stored in the name is fully reflected in the Meteora. The Meteora encapsulates one of the largest and most significant complexes of Orthodox monasteries in Greece protected by UNESCO.

Built on sandstone rocks, it’s a perfect place to explore aspects of this religion, history of Greece and enjoy silence, peace and beautiful sights and landscapes.
Germany carries this wrong reputation of sterile and rigid atmosphere, while it actually hosts thousands intriguing places fully colored with local ambient and tradition. Play some Beethoven, explore his legacy, enjoy domestic beer, traditional Kolsch or wine while enjoying friendly and cozy ambience of Bonn, Beethoven’s birthplace.
Country of Dracula wasn’t on your “must visit” list? It should be. Romania, among all its beauties, hosts Peles Castle, one of the Europe’s most beautiful castles, but still quite unknown. Don’t let the lack of attractive advertising fool you. Once you reach this place, you’ll be surprised by how many wonderful sights stayed off major touristic guides.

Nature can be stunning when barely touched by humans. This is the first impression you’ll get if you visit Slovenia and its Lake Bled. The perfect destination for romantic couples and nature lovers.

The truth is that you will not see France if you don’t explore its culture, taste its cheese and wine, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in Paris. Go meet Beaune in Burgundy, enjoy its wineries and explore nearby. You’ll feel the France at its best far away from the typical touristic rush.

Dalmatia in Croatia, with all its islands, such as Korcula, is truly breathtaking. These places will offer you whatever you’d like, from peaceful exploring of rich local culture, relaxing on astonishing beaches, hiking and wandering through wild hills or simply enjoying a pleasant nightlife. Whatever you are up to, the birthplace of Marco Polo should be among your touristic plans.

Somewhere between mystic mountains and deep secrets of the sea, lies Portugal’s city Sintra. This unique place hides traces of Romanticism and its spirit, a lot of historical heritage and maintained monuments, attractive nature and rich cultural life. Spending several days over there will give you an incredible experience.
Tourists usually gravitate towards bigger cities, but when it comes to Europe, smaller often offers better and nicer. Explore some blogs before hitting off to explore Europe, you’ll come across dozens of attractive ideas to fulfill your touristic lists and plans.

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