Amazing Facts about European Cities

feature-2Most European Cities well known today are the countries capital, aside from those, there was a time especially during the middle aged and the great renaissance that, this cities are considered to become countries and ruled by a king as per each city (i.e Athens, Sparta, Corinth as major cities who formed the united Greeks) Not only those, there are still the major surprising facts that this cities will surprise you. Read More→

The Best Cities to Visits in Europe

feature-3There are many cities in Europe that are known for their shops, nightlife, restaurants, museums, and recreation. We’ve chosen the ones that best trace the culture and history of the continent that affected all corners of the globe. In this cities that you start to understand the distinctive periods in European and world history, through the story of realms and victories, and some of the best workmanship and landmarks ever made. Europe remains the world pioneer in art, food, design, architecture, and fashion. Here are the cities in Europe where you’ll see some of the best in everything. Read More→

The Rich History of European Cities

feature-1Major European Cities have a rich history of major changes in our civilization, from the times of the kings and queens, the great renaissance, major reformation, the Greek and Roman Civilization and more and more on the list. Read More→